"Living Arabic in Context: An Introductory Course,"
by Dr. Nijmeh Hajjar (Bissan for publication, 2005).
(The book comes with 3 audio CDs)

The Arab Academy, which is the leading provider of online Arabic language
courses and proficiency tests, invites you to download an animation of
the Arabic alphabet for FREE.

Arabic You Need (Lebanese) 2 cassettes (2 hr.) or CD and 176-p. text

Rosetta Stone- Arabic

The Arabic Language and Middle East/North African Cultural Studies project.

Online Lessons

The Middle East Center


Arabic Link Page

Arabic Web Index (V. Good)

The Arabic Tutor(TM)-
It is the first Multimedia Arabic teaching software for beginners that works
with any Microsoft Windows operating system.
It features a User-friendly point and click feature with sound .

Distance Learning: Arabic Language Courses

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